Running on a Treadmill in a swimsuit

13 Sep

New video features Myst running on a green treadmill in my Green screen studio. This is how we achieve the running shots in a small space. Of course having the girls run like this in skimpy spandex costumes creates a very sexy image. If you love asses and wedgies and girls adjusting their wedgies, then you should enjoy this footage.

This costume was the first design for Myst, but the black Boots and Gloves have since changed to light blue.

2 Responses to “Running on a Treadmill in a swimsuit”

  1. Natural Wedgie Man October 10, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    ooh it is so sexy seeing her walk and run with that natural wedgie. and even sexier watching her pick it out with one hand. i love natural wedgie and one hand wedgie picking

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