New Zealand Photo shoot

28 Sep

Just got home from a quick 4 day trip to New Zealand. While enjoying the sites I took the opportunity to organize a photo shoot with a very sexy model from Christchurch. This cute tiny girl was only available during the evening. The darkness tested my shooting skills and I decided to take advantage of the night and do some horror themed ideas, perfect for Halloween. 

I also brought with me a sexy school girl outfit (couldn’t help myself). Because I new she would look damn sexy in it. And I was right. I brought her back to my hotel room and requested she dress in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit. That doesn’t sound creepy at all. Here are some pictures.

Will do quite a bit of post work with the pictures we took and show you in the future. No girls in tight spandex this time. Although I do believe she was wearing a pair of spandex panties under that skirt. I think that counts?

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