Sexy Space Girl

11 Oct

When filming on a Green Screen you have to plan your shoot perfectly, to create a nice composited footage. The first scene I filmed….I fucked up. How So? Let’s think back.

One girl I auditioned was a fantastic performer and had a stunning body. I remember she tried on a Superhero costume and it looked amazing on her bronzed body. I so hoped she would be interested. Alas, she felt it was to risque and not for her. While gearing up to make the film  she contacted me again, interested in a small role.

My movie The Super-Vixens begins with a brief prologue in outer space. A character called Skylar appears briefly in one scene before dying. The girl said it sounded great and would film the scene. As you can see in the clips, she does look fantastic in a skin-tight outfit and does an amazing job. It’s not surprising because she is seriously looking to do acting as a career, unlike most of my models who are in it for a quick dollar. So how did I fuck it up?

Well the costume I chose was very shiny, which reflected the green screen making it very hard to key. I also moved the camera while filming and never considered adding markers to the stage so I could properly track and composite the footage. Live and learn I guess. Although I should have planned more carefully.

Still, I have the footage. Now enjoy this girls hard nipples and tight ass in this fantastic retro spacesuit.

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