Clip Store has just been closed, “for now”.

13 Dec

My adventures as a Digital Merchant continues. The clips store I have been running on the Payloadz site has been shut down. It appears they feel my store listings were to mature for them. I kind of consider that a compliment. But Im sure people who have downloaded my videos may be wondering why. Because the clips were not that sexual. I even checked out other product on their site that was more extreme and thought it was a safe home for my product.

Well that wasn’t the case. Lucky I was still only testing the waters and had held back on posting a lot of product. The store wasn’t actually working out anyway and I was planning on closing it soon. The monthly fees were actually more than I was making selling the product. Until I can build up a larger fan base of buyers, fetish clip stores like C4s will not be worthwhile.

I will continue to look at my options. Some ideas I have are using Vimeo. Next year they will have a pay on demand option. I may even offer the videos for sale exclusively for one month only. Then remove them and post a cleaner lower quality clip of them on youtube. They are some ideas.

But first I have to make the videos. I plan to get more interactive with my fans. To start with I will be posting a poll for my facebook fans to pick the next character I do. I will then launch an indiegogo campaign to raise just the money to pay the women. The first poll will be up before Christmas so keep a lookout.

So as you can see, my plan is to continue making cool Heroine videos. You will see lots of behind the scenes footage on my youtube channel. So stay tuned.

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