Does Super girl wear panties under her skirt?

15 May

The reason I’m asking is because I have never seen them. Not while reading the Super girl series from 2005 anyway. I am considering filming a Super girl vs bad Super girl (you know, the one dressed in black) or maybe vs Power girl so I recently read these issues.

While reading these comics I couldn’t help notice that not once did Super girls skirt ride high enough to show any underwear whatsoever. At every moment during an action scene where any could be seen, they went to great lengths to cover it. Using her legs or another person.

Here are just a few examples.

Luthors head blocks Super girls panties Bad Super girl Legs block panties view











Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting every female superhero to cater to fan service and offer up wedgies and camel toe in every frame. But I find it odd and annoying that because she is wearing a skirt, the powers that be feel that seeing under it is to sexual. It’s absurd when you see Super girl fighting alongside Power Girl and Wonder Woman. Both in tight costumes and sexy angles on their asses. Here are some frames from the same comic.

A spread legged Bat Woman kicking a g-string costumed Poison Ivy isn’t a problem when it comes to sexual imagery??

Poison Ivy's ass sexy heroine waistlines Power girls ass Power girls tight ass

















You would think in this day and age that censorship concerning sexual images would be less strict than say, 1960. If I said to you, a popular comic book aimed at pre-teen children featured female characters no older than 13 showing heaps of up-skirt panty shots. You would tell me I’m crazy and to fuck off you weird creep.

Well, as a kid I was a big reader of Richie Rich. One thing I noticed in those comics was characters like Gloria Glad (Richie’s girlfriend), Little Dot and little Lotta (actually a morbidly obese child). All probably 12 to 13, wore skirts and their panties were constantly visible. Hell they even recently created a Gloria Glad figurine showcasing her exposed underwear (and you think I’m weird).

Gloria's panties exposed gloria figurine with panty shot











So you see, societies views of what is considered sexual is actually going backwards. This is just one example of this. You guys have seen it in other area’s Im sure. Backwards may be the wrong word. Skewered and bent because people in control of censorship are constantly changing their minds on what is considered sexual.

Why am I ranting on about pre-teen panties and censorship? I don’t fucking know, I’ve forgotten…. Wait I remember.

I aim to make a short film showcasing the sexual and exciting imagery of Super girl and I plan to show lot’s of wedgies and camel toe’s. No higher power is going to censor me.

Well maybe youtube.

3 Responses to “Does Super girl wear panties under her skirt?”

  1. Joel lemon May 30, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Is there any way I could buy THOR VS LOKI PARADY for WMV download or MP4 download? Please email about this.

    • THE SUPER-VIXENS May 30, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

      Hi Joel, Thank you for loving my vids. The video isn’t for sale at this time. However a version of the video is free to watch on youtube here

      I am getting ready to launch a kickstarter campaign to raise money to film my next short “Iron Girl”. One of the perks is a downloadable copy of the film. So stay tuned for that.

  2. Mr. Scade July 6, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    The reason behind this could be anything from the artist’s own hang-ups, to editor’s poking their noses, to worries over “oversexualization”. I my opinion, I believe Supergirl must wear something akin to a tennis player’s skirt. She must have something under there – it’s just nonsensical for a woman doing what she does to go commando.

    And I am not the type of person who like the censorship they do. If the panel requires the character to be in pose A, and pose A has to show something, bloody well show it. Most of us, if not all, read the comic because of the story and art. People who read comics for fan service are not people.

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