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New Video exclusive to our Facebook fans.

3 Oct

While editing my latest youtube video. Again, being aware of sensitive viewers. I trimmed some juicy footage out. But I don’t like to let anything go to waste. Especially sexy female ass clad in tight spandex. So the footage now sits proudly next to my other videos on Facebook. Wedgie lovers will love this clip as it features our sexy Heroine pulling her costume from between her sexy ass cheeks.

Apart from Wedgie and Camel toe lovers, yes look closely and you can see a hint of Toe peeking through. This clip will also appeal to Box Gap fans. “Box what?” you ask. Well Box Gap, or Thigh Gap as women probably call it is the space between a girl’s thighs. Very sexy (even more so in spandex) and this girl has an amazing Gap.

Also pulls a great wedgie. Here are some pics.


20 Sep

Hey all, I just finished editing my latest youtube clip. It will go live very soon. While editing these clips I have to be mindful of the sensitive viewers on youtube. My past experience has show that what doesn’t offend most will still offend some. Considering I deal with Heroine and Spandex clad girls it can be hard to know what to include in a video and what to leave out.

Now when I have to cut some footage because it shows too much skin, I post it in my video section on the facebook fan page. Of course you have to be a fan to see it but you will be well rewarded as I will be posting videos and photo’s often.

Now go enjoy these curvy spandex clad asses. Facebook page.


19 Sep

Being a fan of the comic book super heroines, one aspect I strive to get right is how the spandex costumes have to fit perfectly. They have to look almost painted on. Especially the leotards and Leggings. When my models put them on, they do so like most do. But to get the sexy look like the comics you have to stretch them up the legs and really wedge them into your ass.

One model who understands and fearlessly tries to achieve this fanboys dream look is the girl who plays Cherry. She makes the leotard work and work it does. Every sexy curve is highlighted and she looks absolutely magnificent.

Now if every girl I work with understands the look we are going with, then these films will be amazing.

Running on a Treadmill in a swimsuit

13 Sep

New video features Myst running on a green treadmill in my Green screen studio. This is how we achieve the running shots in a small space. Of course having the girls run like this in skimpy spandex costumes creates a very sexy image. If you love asses and wedgies and girls adjusting their wedgies, then you should enjoy this footage.

This costume was the first design for Myst, but the black Boots and Gloves have since changed to light blue.

Sexy School girl turned Super-Heroine

31 Aug

My latest video stars a stunning model dressed in a very sexy school uniform. Why? because the three girls playing the super heroines in “The Super-Vixens” are schoolgirls. This girl is playing the part of Mindy, who becomes superhero Myst. She was one of two girls who wanted to play the part. The other girl is featured in this video here.

Anyway in this scene I have her walking on a treadmill in the green screen studio which was to be composited into a 3D background. Of course you can’t have a sexy small skirt and not have the wind blow it up. So that’s what happens, and reveals a pair of tight white panties. Up-skirt and Hentai fans will love this scene. Check it out!


21 Aug

My latest youtube video features the stunning super-villain Raven as she flies through the Lincoln tunnel on her Glider. The way she has to squat on this mode of transportation is very sexy. Here are some stills from the green screen stage.

Now check out the final composited scene here.

If your cravin’ more Raven, then you might like her “Suiting up video” available in our store. This clip shows her squeezing into that skin-tight costume of hers. So if you love spandex, wedgies and sexy cosplay, check it out.

Voluptuous superheroes

1 Sep

Being a huge boob and ass fan I like the idea of sexy curvy women squeezing into skin tight spandex. Have you ever wondered what Super girl or Wonder Woman would look like if they put on a few pounds?

I have been considering doing picture sets of bigger women in costumes. Here is an example of what I’m thinking of

Let me know what you think?

Can you imagine these curvaceous women running around and fighting in my movie. Boobs and butts shaking everywhere. Sounds like fun.