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1 Oct

New video is up. Featuring Myst, leaping around in her skin-tight costume. Comic book fans will see I am trying to recreate the classic poses from comic books. The leaping and landing with legs spread wide looks very sexy when wearing a costume that is so tight that it wedges up between the ass.

People who don’t read comics, ( and they are becoming…. scratch that. Are the norm) will just enjoy seeing a girl in a costume so tight that it wedges up between the ass. Well, you are all winners with this new video. Please enjoy this stunning girl doing what we all enjoy. I included a glorious close up of Myst’s sexy crotch in these shots.

See the sexy video here:



20 Sep

Hey all, I just finished editing my latest youtube clip. It will go live very soon. While editing these clips I have to be mindful of the sensitive viewers on youtube. My past experience has show that what doesn’t offend most will still offend some. Considering I deal with Heroine and Spandex clad girls it can be hard to know what to include in a video and what to leave out.

Now when I have to cut some footage because it shows too much skin, I post it in my video section on the facebook fan page. Of course you have to be a fan to see it but you will be well rewarded as I will be posting videos and photo’s often.

Now go enjoy these curvy spandex clad asses. Facebook page.


19 Sep

Being a fan of the comic book super heroines, one aspect I strive to get right is how the spandex costumes have to fit perfectly. They have to look almost painted on. Especially the leotards and Leggings. When my models put them on, they do so like most do. But to get the sexy look like the comics you have to stretch them up the legs and really wedge them into your ass.

One model who understands and fearlessly tries to achieve this fanboys dream look is the girl who plays Cherry. She makes the leotard work and work it does. Every sexy curve is highlighted and she looks absolutely magnificent.

Now if every girl I work with understands the look we are going with, then these films will be amazing.


17 Sep

This clip is more behind the scenes footage showing Cherry riding a wooden pony. Actually a bike shaped prop that would later be replaced with a computer generated futuristic looking hover bike. I learnt a lot from filming this scene and realized the many mistakes I made would result in the CG bike not fitting in with the live footage. See a quick clip of the final composited footage here. My most disliked clip by the way. Check out those thumbs down! I’m guessing viewers were disappointed the bike wasn’t real.

Any way, the footage isn’t a complete waste because you can watch Cherry in her sexy skin-tight spandex leotard. See her arch her back with that tight ass of hers in the air. Very nice.

Running on a Treadmill in a swimsuit

13 Sep

New video features Myst running on a green treadmill in my Green screen studio. This is how we achieve the running shots in a small space. Of course having the girls run like this in skimpy spandex costumes creates a very sexy image. If you love asses and wedgies and girls adjusting their wedgies, then you should enjoy this footage.

This costume was the first design for Myst, but the black Boots and Gloves have since changed to light blue.

Two-Thirds of the Super-Vixens

10 Sep

They say two out of three ain’t bad, right? Well these two ain’t bad at all. This is Firefox and Viper. The third Super-Vixen, Myst isn’t in this shoot but you can see her in my other youtube videos.

Apart from making Vipers belt shorter, these are the final costume designs. I had the girls do a little catwalk to show off how sexy they look in the costumes. I also wanted to try out the slow motion capabilities of my camera. The girls now look even more sexy walking in slow motion. The footage gives you long enough to perv at their gorgeous spandex clad forms.

I can’t wait to do some slow motion action scenes, seeing the heroines leaping around with every shake and jiggle captured in slow motion will look amazing. While we wait for that exciting footage check out their curvaceous asses in these stills.

And in glorious HD here:


3 Sep

They go together so well. Especially when the girl wielding the gun looks this cute. Another favorite character of mine. Cherry is a kick ass mercenary for hire and always dresses in tight red spandex. Sweat over these stills.

Need to sweat some more? Then check out the youtube clip. This really showcases the dramatic and sexy camera angles I try for, to really show of the sex appeal super heroines should display. Especially when they look and dress this stunning.


27 Aug

Hey all,

My latest youtube video features the character Firefox. In this clip she demonstrates one of her super-powers, creating fire blasts from her hands. She also has the ability to fly. This is one of my favorite costumes. Check out the images.

And of course, see the sexy video here.


22 Aug

Hey spandex fans. I have just posted all my videos currently for sale on this site. Including two new clips. Check out Red-Violet Leotard and Red-Violet Leotard walking on Treadmill. These two videos feature the same Model wearing a hot skin-tight spandex Leotard. Check out the images below.


Want to see some video footage of this girl in action? Then check out a youtube teaser complete with special FX below (this composited footage is not included in the clips for sale)